I believe life should be an adventure
and up to this point, mine has definitely
been that and so much more!

Living The Dream

So many people go through life with dreams, and never act on them…so that is where they remain. Some dream of travel, I have been blessed and have traveled to over 45 countries!

Some dream of love… I have loved deeply, but never settled, so I am happily single.

Some dream of creating something new… I decided one day to do just that, and that day, the idea for Naughty Wine Accessories was born!

I wanted to create something that did not exist, or at least exist at this level of quality and value. I wanted to create something fun, that would make people smile and some people laugh out loud, and of course some people, would just blush. I had the idea for a penis shaped liquor pourer, because let’s be honest… it seems like a natural and truly, everyone loves a great penis! So I started doing the research of where to get one designed, where would I get it made, and out of what material? I learned how to have packaging designed and where to get that made, I learned about websites and marketing and anything else that I needed to know to launch a product from concept to reality. The labor of love that you see here is the result of all of that, and I am proud of the product and of how it got it’s humble start, financed entirely by me!

I did not set out to become a woman entrepreneur or businesswoman, but my journey has helped me learn so much that a woman entrepreneur is exactly what I became. I encourage all woman out there with an idea to listen to your heart, and find a way to make your dream a reality, regardless of if that dream involves travel to places you can only dream about, or making a product or service that does not exist today, follow your heart and look for people who can help you along the way!

Thank you for your interest in Naughty Wine Accessories and my Stainless Steel Penis Pourer. I hope you enjoy your purchase and it brings you as much joy and fun as it has brought me!